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Journey of The Master

An enchanter, who rightly defines his name, gives life to hollow bamboo, mesmerizes people with the bewildering variety of ragas with his magical musical instrument. His bansuri has been his magic wand casting a spell on thousands of music lovers in India and abroad. Mohini Mohan Patnaik, a flute player par excellence amazingly had no formal training in playing the instrument yet he is a guru of gurus, transferring and mitigating the tradition to hundreds of students, learning the fury of points of music.



The great maestro was born to the family of a Zamindar with a silver spoon, in the sacred land of lord Jagannath, Puri Town, Orissa on September 23, 1945. His father late Kshetramohan Patnaik was a well know advocate. Mohini Mohan’s passion for musical instruments started at a very early age and buying varieties of musical instruments from different festivals became an obsession. Young Mohini Mohan’s fascination for the flute became intense, initially playing tunes of popular music to his friends and himself getting eternal pleasure. Later, his family as aghast when he decided to make the flute his career, which was something unimaginable then, for a jamindar’s son.

All sorts of restrictions’ were imposed but a determined Mohini Mohan did not give in. There was no chance of retreating. He was selected by the government of India as a member of a cultural troupe to perform in Japan in 1970. This elated his father and family members. There was a green signal and rest is history. He became an exponent, an artist of National reroute with his rigorous Riyaz (Practice) Sadhna. His dedication to the Lord, opened up all doors for him to success. He has performed in several concerts in India and overseas.


His academic excellence is no less. He is highly qualified with bachelor’s degree in Education, Master degree in Music and political science. He was awarded the senior fellowship as a research scholar in the field of tribal music by the government of India. A great composer and music director, Mohini Mohan is widely acclaimed for his superb composition of orchestra with hundreds of musicians.

Awards and ovations were bestowed on him by different organizations in India and abroad for his remarkable achievements’. He is at the zenith now

Not only the flute, the magic touch of his fingers on the santoor has also created ripple among the musicians and a thrilling among the audience.

The legendary guru practices for 10 hours every day. He believes there is no end to learning. Age can never be a barrier for learning an art. He remarks a true guru must be a friend, philosopher and guide and bring out the inner potential of a student. He has been disseminating his skill the last 20 years as a professor at Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya (a college of classical music, dance and drama). Hats off to the guru who initiated young learners to learn a different art and his ceaseless efforts have produced the largest number of flute musicians.

Mohini Mohan Patnaik was first awarded in 1980 and his latest award was Utkal Jyoti by the governor of Orissa, 2005

Has received the Senior Fellowship from the Government of India, Department of Human Resource and Development in the field of Tribal Flutes of Orissa for two years in 1999 and as a Research Scholar He is in process of my research work in the field of “Tribal Music of Orissa”.

Plot No : 279,    Satya Nagar, Bhubaneswar - 751007, Odisha, Phone : +91.0674 2515758,

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Prof. Mohini Mohana Patnaik

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