The Orissa Academy of Tribal Culture Research and Performing

‚ÄčArts is an non-profitable organization has been working in the different fields as 


 i. The objective of the Academy to promote, present and propagate the Tribal art and culture in the State, National and International platform. The Academy documents of tribal art and culture of Odisha for preservation.


ii. The Academy holds seminars on different types i.e. the TRIBAL Art, Culture, Rituals, Dance and Music as a whole.


iii. The Special research is made on the tribal flutes of 62 tribes of Odisha.


i.The Academy presents and propagates the dance and music in the different tribal belts in the district Hqs. In Odisha.



ii. The Academy has been doing mega tribal dance and music festivals for 3days at Bhubaneswar covering 200 tribal artists. The academy covers and documents the performance of different tribes in the field of dance and music with special reference to tribal flutes.


iii. The Academy also holds lecture-cum-demonstration programme of the different tribes of Odisha related to their culture and livehood.


iv. The Academy records tribal music and tribal instrumental musical for preservation.

The most important mission of the academy is to teaching and imparting youths of different tribes Hindustani classical bamboo flute to make them artists to perform in the different stages of state of Odisha and earn their live hood.


v. Apart from this the Academy imparts higher teaching and training in the field of Hindustani Classical Bamboo Flutes and has produced more than 100 flute players in the state.



vi. There is a provision for outsiders of the state and foreigners for learning Hindustani Classical Bamboo Flute through Internet, Telephone and personal presence for admission in the Academy who are desirous to learn Hindustani  Classical Bamboo Flutes, because the President of the Organization is a legendary guru and maestro flute with Natioanl and International repute. Contact may be made through telephone ………………………………, FAX…………………………….. And through email ID……………………….. All sorts of facilities will be provided to the foreigners and outsiders.

The Academy organizes 2 Mega festivals i.e (1) The Tribal Dance and Music Festival where 200 artists perform from the different tribes and (2) Mega Flute Festival by 100 Flute players on one stage since 2002.


vii. The mission of the Academy is to promote present, propagate and preserves the ancient tribal art, culture, dance and music and the Mega Festival of Flute which is first of its kind in the country.

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